Bloomington, IN

Mom, dietitian, lactation specialist

What do you use to limit bug bites? We don’t like to take baths nightly, but going to sleep with bug spray on feels so awful. Do those stickers work? The bracelets? Etc?

Has anyone ever subscribed to Kiwicrate? It looks like a really fun gift idea, but I’m worried about the age range conflicting. I have a 3 year old that would love it, but a 1 year old that would probably end up feeling left out? We can’t afford both subscriptions.

How good does a day care get? I just toured a day care for the first time, I stay home 4 days a week and use a baby sitter one day. My babysitter called in sick and we were crippled. We realized maybe it’s time to use a day care instead of a sitter, only part time. We just toured our first one and I was not blown away? We chose to tour it because it’s Spanish immersion, they cook all their ow... More

I would love suggestions for car toy organization/storage. We keep a variety of things in the back seat between two car seats right now and it’s always pure chaos. We are doing our first road trip next month and I want to be prepared! Also accepting suggestions for specific Car friendly toys :)

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