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Proud mama to an amazing little boy! I’m also a toddler teacher at a daycare. My life is filled with children and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Heidi posted in Cute Nov 12, 2018

Couple of laughs

Figured after a long Monday we could use a few laughs. Here is one of my son being stuck in his toybox. Gotta love how they get stuck in some places! He can turn a frown from the worst day at work into the biggest laugh with one hug/look/action. #boymom #lovingit

How do you stop accidental cosleeping

My son recently who is 20 months got sick recently so when he would wake up upset in the middle of the night (something he rarely did) I’d let him come into bed (something that was also a rarity). Now he won’t go to bed in his crib, has to fall asleep with me, and if I put him in his bed he either wakes up immediately or when he does insists he comes back in bed or he won’t stop screaming. We s... More

Time management struggle

I’m a full time mom to a rambunctious 20 month old, full time toddler teacher at a learning center, and I’m also taking two college courses at night. I’m so overwhelmed. I have so much for my classroom to do, schoolwork is piling up, and when I’m home I try to be available to spend as much time with my son as possible. How do other working parents juggle everything and still spend time with the... More

How to get my toddler back in their crib.

My 18 month old son has never had a problem sleeping in his crib and going back to sleep if he woke up through the night. He recently got sick while on vacation with our family so we brought him Into bed so we wouldn’t disturb the rest of our family. Now that we are back and he’s better he refuses to go to sleep for the night in his crib. Help!

How long did you wait before having your second child? And why? Anything you’d change?

We are talking about a second baby and I just wanted to get opinions on how long to wait. Our son is 18 months old.

Switching to a toddler bed

My son will be 18 mo old in a few weeks and I was wondering when I should switch him to a toddler bed?

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