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My daughter HATES being on her tummy! She's about to turn 8 months. She does fine rolling over but she has no patience being on her tummy and starts screaming. (Oddly enough though, she sleeps on her tummy all night). I've tried putting toys around her, laying down next to her, propping her up with a pillow a little.... nothing seems to help. I'm worried that it's preventing her... More

My kiddo is 4 and we are expecting our second one in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if I should be doing more to prepare for breastfeeding. With my first time around I researched a ton and as we all know there's a learning curve; I was working full time so I managed to pump/breastfeed till about 8 months. This time around I'm a SAHM and I'm still planning on pumping to boost s... More

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