Jersey City, NJ

Mommy of 1 I’m 22 years old, My daughter is 3

Advice for myself.

So I’m basically gonna be brutally honest here. I don’t have friends at all and I spend all my time with my babygirl unless I am working. I was thinking should I go out there and make friends or should I just stay the way I am?????????? I mean I am very selfish when it comes to my daughter and I don’t ask for ppl to take care of her when is not needed. I literally take her everywhere with me li... More


My daughter will be 3 on oct 27 and she still sleeps in the same bed with her father and I. How do I make her sleep in her own bed ? I put her there when it is time to sleep and she will still climb in our bed with us. Any suggestions to make her sleep in her own bed ?

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