Dallas, TX

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DS completely understands me. Does everything I tell him to (most of the time). But doesn’t talk.

He’s very good at listening. He stops when I tell him to, drink his milk, sit down to eat, read, play with his toys w me, etc when I tell him. I understand him non verbally bc he’ll point at what he wants or look in that direction. He’s 20 months, and maybe too young to talk? But my family thinks he’s slow. It’s probably honestly my fault. I’m not an active talker socially and I don’t know whe... More

Angsie recommended a place Sep 05, 2018


My 2 year old loves it! So much better than paying for an actual amusement park considering he’ll only be able to use a fraction of a paid for place. It’s fun here and there’s a park attached to the splash park!

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