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JEaton posted in Behavior Tuesday


My just over two year old will not stop saying the word "stupid". I'm sure he picked it up from his dad, TV, or myself, but honestly there's only so much one can alter in regards to everything said in their lives. Anyway, it wasn't really an issue until he said something was "stupid" while on the merry go round at the park with other children around. A little... More

JEaton posted in Behavior Apr 11

Dealing with the "terrible twos"

My son recently turned 2, though the tantrums started a few months ago. This week, however, the sh*t has hit the fan! Colossal meltdowns over everything, not listening (more than usual), refusing to ride in the shopping cart and crying "walk" then trying to grab everything on the shelf or wander off when I attempt to give him freedom. The real crux has been during nap/bedtime. We&... More

Feeling like I'm not doing enough...

My son is going to be 2 in just over a month. I'm a sahm and feel like I'm not doing enough to teach him everything he needs to know. He really started talking over the last two months, and I know every child is different, but I feel like we go over the same things every day and it's just not clicking. I'm by no means an educator and don't know where to start. I've r... More

Playing in his pee...

I'm starting to potty train my 21 month old son. We are using a toilet insert on a regular toilet and he has no problem going pee, but every time he goes he sticks his hands in his pee stream. I've tried telling him no, holding his hands to the side. Yes, it's sterile in and of itself, but he then touches his face or tries putting his fingers in his mouth. Gross! Any suggestio... More

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