Cerritos, CA

How do people afford daycare for two kids? I’m in LA where good quality care ranges from 800-2k monthly depending on age. Jw if everyone who has 2+ kids is super rich or if there’s some trick idk about. I’m thinking about #2

My almost 1yo is starting to have a hard time going down for her 2nd nap. Everything I’ve read says 1yos are rarely able to take only 1 nap a day, and that it’s usually recommended to stick to 2 naps till closer to 18mo. Any thoughts/advice?

Formula-fed 9-month-old has hand-foot-mouth disease. Started with high fever on Tuesday, diarrhea on Wednesday. Rash is gone, but the diarrhea has caused a bad diaper rash. Any suggestions for getting rid of diarrhea besides the BRAT foods?? Doc said anti fungal + Vaseline on rash, but I can't see how it'll go away until the diarrhea stops. Really sucks that there's no meds for it!!!

I have a nanny, but I'm looking for a family to nanny share with. I've posted on fb in a local childcare group, on Nextdoor, & now Craigslist. Any other ideas of where to post?

Not sure if anyone's asked this already but...do other mamas have pain quite a while after c sec? I had mine 9 months ago and I have this burning pain (internally, not at the skin-level) where my incision was. The scar healed fine, I keep it moisturized and I have very little numbness or skin-level itching, though I do have some sensitivity. It's just this burning underneath that seems ... More

I took my daughter's plastic north states play yard and stretched it to cover the fireplace and patio door. I plan to put screws into the wall at either end. These screws have a ring at the end that I will zip tie to the play yard. The only problem is when she uses it to stand up its kind of flimsy. I was thinking of putting several command hooks on the tile floor and zip tying the bottom t... More

Okay new question! My lo is starting daycare in a few weeks. She's on a pretty regular (though flexible) schedule at home, but I just don't see how she'll nap at daycare!! Today we went for our second visit, and I was going to try to have her nap, but one of the other babies was screaming, and it was just overwhelming. This is making me really nervous. My baby girl just isn't he... More

I have been using water wipes on my 8mo since she came home from the hospital, since she had a diaper rash while in the hospital (using pampers sensitive). I'm tired of dealing with water wipes because you can't put them into any kind of dispenser, and they tend to come out in one huge mass instead of one at a time. Plus there's a lot of talk of water wipes being prone to mold/bacte... More

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