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Toddler Bed Transition

Hi - were about to transition our son, 18 months old, to a toddler bed. We were considering two different rail options - the $100 wood rail that goes with the convertible crib and looks nice OR the $30 rail that is compatible with any crib and doesn’t look as nice. How long do toddlers actually use the rail? Do we really need to get the nice looking rail? Also, any tips for transitioning to t... More

Finished breastfeeding

My son is 17 months old and he is breastfeeding once in the morning and once at night but my milk is starting to taper off at night. When the milk officially goes away, do I give him some milk before bed or just no drinks before bed at that point? We do dinner at 5-5:30, then bath, then bed by 6:15 so I liked that he was getting a little milk in right before sleeping. Would love to hear what so... More


Hi all! My husband and I are moving in two weeks and have a 16 month old. We are hiring packers and movers. Any tips for moving with a 1 year old?? Thanks!

Trouble eating

Hi - I’m at a loss. My 13 month old son does not like to eat. When he started first eating at 6 months with purees, he was great! But slowly he has had more and more trouble with solids. He is happy to eat very smooth purées, but is very particular about the solids he eats. He will almost always eat blueberries, strawberries and bananas but anything else, he spits out, throws or screams about. ... More

Advice for bath time

Hi! I need help with getting my 13 month old to sit down during bath time. Ever since he could pull up to standing - around 7-8 months - my son has wanted to stand during bath time. We try distracting him with toys and bubble bath but that hasn’t done the trick. We began showering with him instead because it was just easier but now that he’s so squirmy and walking, it’s not easier. Any advice t... More

Suggestions for summer fun!

Hi everyone! I am a teacher and am almost on summer break🙌🏼 I’m looking for things to get my son Keegan into over the summer. He will be one shortly. Any awesome programs or play gyms in LA that you can recommend? Thanks!!


My son gags on everything and specifically, his finger. He chews on it so far back that he gags. So much so that he has made himself throw up. Doctor says not to worry about it and gave us a few tips to help him kick the habit but I’m worried about feeding him chunky food because of his super sensitive gag reflex. He refuses to do it and when he does, a lot of gagging follows with throw up some... More

Crib love

Any tips on how to get an 11 month old to enjoy hanging in the crib after they wake up? My son has no problem going down in a crib but the second he wakes up, he wants out and let’s you know by whining that ramps up to crying. He used to be fine with it before but ever since ten months, he’s over it! Help!

My son was sleeping for 12 hours a night from 5-7 months, but then he got the flu and it’s been a little over a month now of sleep problems. When he had the flu, he was waking every two hours for about 5 days. Now he is down to 1-2 wakes per night, and occasionally will sleep through the night. But it’s so erratic. Any tips on how to get my guy back on schedule??

Pacifier advice please - I need to know the pros and cons of a pacifier for my 8 month old. My nanny thinks the paci would be really helpful during nap time. But I am against it because I want him to be able to fall asleep on his own, and not rely on the paci. Also, if he falls asleep and wakes up because it’s not in his mouth, that would become a problem. He is able to fall asleep on his own m... More

When pumping, how many letdowns do you typically go through before your stop?

Hey! I got really sick last week. It was a 24 hour stomach bug - lots of vomiting involved. I lost 6 lbs by the end of it. I kept breastfeeding throughout but was incredibly depleted. On top of that, I had to go on a five hour flight the next day for the holiday. It has been 6 days now and my milk supply is still very low from my sickness. I am usually overflowing. Has anybody had this experie... More

I am in need of diaper advice. My son keeps having blowouts in his diaper. He is about 16 lbs and this week we moved him to size 3 diapers because he was have poop blow outs in his size twos. But now he’s still having that problem in size threes! Any tricks to keep the poo in the diaper??

Hey! My baby boy just started rolling over and sleeping on his tummy but he can’t roll back over to his back. He was sleeping through the night on his back but is now waking up seemingly frustrated on his belly and I have to go help him onto his back or feed/soothe him. Has anyone else had this experience? Does he just need to get used to sleeping on his tummy?

So we unswaddled our baby and he literally just rolled over for the first time in his crib while I was watching in the monitor and fell asleep on his tummy. What should I do??

Any tips for a momma about to sleep train using the sleep wave method?? I’m nervous about not being able to nurse to sleep anymore. Mostly for myself. I think my baby boy will be fine but I will miss it😔

Hi! My breastmilk comes in hard and fast. My baby boy got used to this and was pretty good at managing the heavy flow but over the past week or two, the flow has gotten heavier and my 4 mo is having to stop and cough/choke when the let down rushes in. Anyone else dealing with this? Any tips on how to slow it down? I have tried pumping before feeding but I also don’t want to tell my body to crea... More

My baby boy was born at 35 weeks. He’s about to be 4 months old and I’m worried about the 4 month sleep regression. Specifically, I am wondering if he will experience it at 4 months, or experience it next month when his adjusted age reaches 4 months. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks!

Looking for some insight: My baby boy is almost 15 weeks. He sleeps really well at night and used to nap well. This week, he only wants to nap on me. Every time I try to put him down, he wakes right up. Luckily, he is still sleeping well at night. I can't get anything done during the day though! Is this a phase? Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips would be appreciated!

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