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Shared birthdays

Hello everyone my a d my sons birthday are a day apart and we like to share the party by blending a two gender theme he is turning 3 and we would like to make is special but also not to different themes that looks goofy any ideas ? Or you I just let it be hes party only ? I know I do that in the furniture office because he will ask for thing I dont want to ruin or embarrass him as he gets older

My 2 and a half year old will refuse to potty

I take him every 20 mins he'll sit there for 2 mins and get up once he goes to the room he'll pee in hes pants I'm now using training undies dont know how to handle the situation i spend too much on diapers it's becoming a problem at day care to once he turns 3 he mast be potty trained to move a class

How to discipline a two year old.

Hello moms and dads I have a two year old that is out of control all the time. Hes only good at home. We just can't go anywhere any more. The minute we step out the door tantrums start. First is refusing the car seat, then once we arrive at our destination it's the stroller. We try walking but he'll hit and scream his head off. I just picked him up and got my lip split from his squ... More

Daycare preschool

First time mom here. I'm a stay at home single mom how is that possible it is lol I live with a family member because I'm newly separated my question is since I was a stay at home mom while married I never considered day care well my son turned two and I think it would be good for him and me to go for a couple days a week is he too old ? Is day care mandatory what is the difference betw... More

Day care and potty training

Hello mommies and daddies of course :) I have a 18 month old actually 19 today we haven't started potty training just yet but new year I'm considering part time daycare to get him socializing with other toddlers how to get introduce potty training befor day care ? Single mom first child I'm lost

Occupying a toddler on rainy days

Hello every one I'm a single mom with an 18 month boy we live in Florida so he gets a lot of yard and outdoor play now it's raining all the time how can I get him playing indoors with out crying to go out all the time. We don't want him stuck on TV or tablet all day

Toothpaste and vomiting

Hello every one. So recently my 18 month old has been vomiting few minutes after we brush teeth. I have been brushing hes gums and teeth since 3 months at first just with water and the finger brush once he popped out hes first tooth my pediatrician asked me to use the oraljel training toothbrush and it's been the past month or two that I use the Crest kids cavity toothpaste. Has this ever h... More

Piercing for toddlers

Disclaimer piercing a toddlers ears . Please no mean comments its just a question. How to boy moms feel about piercing one ear? In the 90's when I was in elementary school ther where boys with one ear pierced. Do boys still pierce ears and if my child askes what should I do?

Elena posted in DIY Nov 19, 2018

How to keep memories fresh for your little one

So as a first time mom I was obsessed with my new baby and the little clothes and parties for him. Even throughout my pregnancy I was so proud of my baby bump and everything. I know there are books and keepsakes but often there isn't much time when you can write or you forget to put things in them. So I created an email account for my son and I'll email him photos and stories when some... More

Depression and baby

Hello I'm a 27 year old single mom with an 18 month old toddler. I recently moved in with my brother and I'm still a stay at home mom. My depression is getting worse every month and I'm having anxiety and I guess if there is a term for grown up separation anxiety. Everything my brother would leave for work I just break down and cry. I feel like I just want to run away and I hate it ... More

Picky eater or something worse?

Hello everyone first of all I'm grateful for this app. I'm a first time mom and all I can find is how to do this and that for a newborn well what happens to toddler hood is not as popular.and this app gives as new moms advice for our growing babies as they grow so thank you all who is a part of this community. With that said I have a 18 month old boy who started solids around 6 months a... More

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