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Toddler hairstyle ideas

I need some ideas to help keep my 3 year old daughter’s hair in place and out of her face while she is at preschool. Ideally I’d love to French braid, but I’m terrible at it! Need to practice, not sure why it’s so difficult for me haha! So other than that, anyone have any ideas to keep hair in place? My daughter has long waivey thick hair and ponytails, pigtails, and standard braids fall apart ... More

The wonderful topic of bum wiping haha

I have to ask...what is the right age to expect a child to wipe their own bum? My daughter turned three a few months ago, is fully potty trained, and does great wiping after pee...after poop not so much. Heck even I have trouble wiping her thoroughly sometimes! I feel like her school has this expectation that kids should have it down by now. Is that crazy? Her preschool teacher once told me th... More

Preschool bullying?

My daughter is almost three and goes to a local preschool where there are about 8 in the class on any given day. I’ve been noticing that a couple of the girls aren’t very nice toward her, they start chanting “No Mia” when they see her and one of them at least I’ve seen swat at other kids and generally be unkind. Lately my daughter has been saying things to me like “I don’t want to go to school... More

Holiday card opinion question

I bought a book of kids Christmas cards that they can color in thinking it would be cute for my daughter to make and give to her teachers. Problem is, they ALL say “Merry Christmas”, which I found irritating at first but now I’m thinking it might be an issue. Of the 5 teachers we’re making these cards for, I know one is Muslim and I believe another is Jewish. Should I just write below it “and h... More

Anyone have a successful potty training experience with the three day method?

Who out there had tried the three day method? We just started with our two and a half year old daughter. Today was day one...with mixed results. I’ve read the book twice, followed it super closely, and I’m unsure whether we’re making progress here! She used the potty about half the time successfully today, but none of those times did she tell us she needed to go (which seems like the most impo... More

Holiday gifts for caregivers

What are good gift ideas for caregivers around the holidays? And how much do you spend? My daughter is transitioning classrooms at her school and I’d like to get her current teacher a little something. But what? And what amount is appropriate? Amazon gift card?? There are actually two teachers but the second we’ve only known about a month...so do I get a joint gift or do I really need to get t... More

Do toddlers experience sleep regressions too?

All week my almost two and a half year old has been waking up in the middle of the night and running to her bedroom door. She refuses to go back to sleep unless she’s with us in our bed. What do do???

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