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Gift teachers daycare?

Our little one started in her new class beginning of November and this is our first time in daycare. What is the most common gift for the end of the year? Thanks!!

Gift for 10 years together!!

Any anniversary gift ideas/suggestions?! Thank you so much

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Shoes for daycare

What type of shoes do your toddlers wear at daycare/ preschool? I don’t want for her to stay with her winter boots all day and don’t know what sneakers would be comfy enough to keep all day. Thanks

Healthy snacks for Halloween Trick or treat?

Our daycare is asking for healthy snacks for Halloween. This is our first year and I have no idea! Would you mind sharing some great ideas? Thank you :)

Toddler sick and screaming

Our 18 months had a fever for 3 days and is now super sick (runny nose, cough). She literally can’t sleep and screams every time we put her down. She screamed for 3h tonight and was hysterical before she passed out. What would you recommend?? We are all exhausted... thanks

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Pajama for toddler!

Hello! My little one is 18 months and doesn’t use a sleeping bag anymore. I bought her regular pajamas top and pants size 2 buuuut she is waking up every morning with very cold feet. How can I prevent this? Any tips? Thanks!

Daycare daily reporting

My 16 mo started daycare last week. Besides not going so well (which was expected), I am actually a bit upset. - I have no updates during the day, no photos, no info - at the end of the day, when I pick her up, the only things that the teachers tell me are related to eating, napping and pooping. Am I being unreasonable thinking that I should get more info on what she does exactly, and how she... More

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Bath time with toddler

How do you manage bath time with your toddler? We are still using the Stokke bath but my 16 mo is standing in it and refuses to sit. I would love to use the big bath but we don’t have a flexible head shower and she is scared of the water coming from so high. Thanks!!


We just started daycare today and I am not convinced at all... The age range in her classroom doesn’t make sense as they are babies and mine is really toddler. + they don’t go outside. What should I do!!???

Pacifier and daycare

LO is starting daycare next week and still taking the pacifier. Should I try to stop this week or leave her to help with the transition? Thanks..,

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Bedtime 16 mo

What time do your LIttle ones go to bed? Mine is 16mo. Thanks!

Drop off/ pick up daycare

Hi! I know you guys are a good resource and figured I would ask you. My toddler is starting daycare next week and is having a very difficult time every time I leave the room. She is fine if she is leaving the room/apt with someone else like my mom but always cries if I am the one living the apt. How do you deal with that? My husband thinks it is better to sneak out and I think it’s better to ... More

Best shoes for daycare?

Our walking toddler is about to start daycare. What type of shoes do you use for the kids at daycare? Also, do you have any recommendations for tags to put on clothes? Also I see that we have to provide wipes but LO has diaper rash if we use wipes so we are using liniment. Do you think it’s a option? Thanks!!

Starting daycare at 17mo? Help!!

We just got a spot at a daycare after 1 year on the waitlist. The spot is for September and our daughter will be 17 mo. My husband wants to send her but I don’t think I am ready. I’ve been staying at home with her and we have a very close relationship. She always wants to stay with me and my husband is worried she is not getting enough socialization. What do you think? We have to give an answer... More

My daughter fell badly on her mouth

Help! My daughter fell this afternoon and it looks like her lip attachement has been cut (superior lip). Any ideas? I am so scared...

Dry skin spot?

My daughter has like a dry skin spot on her cheek. I put cream to hydrate but it stays. Any ideas? It’s been over two weeks now

Caroline posted in Sleep Jun 20

Floor bed

We are thinking of transitioning our 14mo to a floor bed and would love some feedback. Right now, we close the door of her bedroom for nap time and at night but I am wondering what happens when they wake up. I am sure she will be knocking on the door which is not really the idea of the montessori bed. Thanks :)

Caroline posted in Sleep Jun 19

Sleep issue 14 mo

Hello everyone, Our 14 month old has recently started to wake up again once a night. She cries in her crib until we pick her up and then just stays awake for 1-2h, eyes wide open... any ideas on how to fix this? We are exhausted! Thanks

Shampoo bar?

Any recommendations for a good shampoo bar? My hair tends to be a bit oily. Thank you :)

Caroline posted in Clothes May 13

Water shoes new walkers

Any recommendations for water shoes? My daughter has chunky wide feet and just started walking! 👣👆🏻👶🏻

Caroline posted in Clothes May 08

Best swimsuit for a baby in Mexico?

Going on vacation very soon and need to buy swimsuit for our 1 year old. Do you recommend long or short sleeves rash guard? I am lost! Thanks!

Anxiety separation! Little one just turned one and is dealing with anxiety separation. We have to leave her tomorrow for 3h with my in laws but I am scared... She never wants to stay with them if dad or me are not here. What is your advice for tomorrow? I am pretty sure she will cry which breaks my heart

Caroline posted in Sleep Apr 11

Evening routine for 1 year old What do you do between dinner and bedtime routine including bottle? Recently stopped breastfeeding and feel like our routine is all over the place. Would love some ideas! Thank you :)

Teething question: Our almost 12 months old has 4 teeth. The 4 teeth came at the same time 3 months ago and since then nothing. Is it normal??!

Caroline posted in Parties Mar 27

Any recipes for 1st birthday cake that baby can eat?! 🎂

When and how did you your little one stop using the pacifier? She is 11mo and takes it for nap times and nights. We would like to stop but don’t know how to do it especially at night (only the pacifier helps her to fall asleep...)

I feel totally overwhelmed by all the cooking that I do (baby and for us). Any tips/ ideas for the dinner that are easy to do and don’t require at least 1h every night? Thanks!

I am planning on starting cow milk for baby when she turns 1 but a little confused about bottle/ straw cup/ sippy cup. Should I give her milk in a sippy cup? And for the water? Thanks!!

Caroline posted in Babies Feb 22

My 10 mo used to play/ read independently but not anymore. Any tips? She plays only if I am close to her and she follows me everywhere!! I was hoping this will be a phase but it’s been almost 2 months now...

Anyone with a FOMO baby? Does it last forever? :(

Caroline posted in Babies Jan 15

What is your bedtime routine for your babies? My almost 9mo has been fighting bedtime and trying to see if I can implement a new one. Thanks!

Caroline posted in Babies Jan 10

Moms/dads How do you deal with babies who just learned to stand up and want to practice all the time including in the crib (of course!!)?? LO will scream, rub her eyes but stand up without falling asleep. Help!! TIA

Caroline posted in Babies Jan 08

Dealing with anxiety separation with my 8 mo and I am so tired... she doesn’t want to nap/ sleep in her crib anymore, follows me everywhere and screams to call me if I am not around. Any tips/ reco? How long does it last???

Caroline posted in Babies Jan 03

Talk to me about the 8 months sleep regression. Little one goes insane when it’s time for a nap or bedtime. She starts screaming as soon as we are approaching the crib to put her down

How do you deal with baby rolling in the crib and crawling? Our 7 months old was a great sleeper but started to wake up during the night and crawling in her bed. She sleeps on her side and probably rolls and wakes up... help!! Thanks

Winter is coming and I am wondering which mittens I should get for baby and/or if I should get some. Which brands are offering warm mittens? Thanks!

My almost 7 months old started solids at 5 months. We are only doing purées twice a day. My question is: how do you organize these meals and what do you offer? Do you do like 1 in the morning with fruits and then veggies/meat/...8 in the evening? TIA!!

Any tips to deal with time change? Baby was on schedule and became crazy since yesterday! She is very cranky and doesn’t want to nap :( TIA

Baby carrier question I have a 6 months old who loves facing out on the ergobaby, however she is 21lbs and my back/hips are killing me!!! Any recommendations? Which one should I get? Tia!

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