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Best Diaper Bags

Moms: what’s your fave diaper bag for 2 babies(2 under 1 for a few days) Dad’s: what’s your fave diaper bag for 2 babies?

Letting Baby Feed Herself

Is anyone else completely terrified to let their baby spoon feed themselves? Finger food, I’m completely fine with and she’s a pro. I just dread watching her create a huge mess out of purées 🙈🙈 Is it’s reall necessary for babies to do this?

Bailey posted in Clothes Nov 27

Shoes for 8 month old

My 8 month old is already walking! I try to put shoes on her when we play at the park but she either kicks them off or I can’t even get them on at all. She curls her foot, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. So anywhere we go she’s only in socks and I’m starting to feel weird about her walking around in socks! Any advice? Special shoes? Should I bring it up to to pediatrician? Also, I hav... More

Bottle feeding

It takes my 8m daughter more than an hour -sometimes even 2 hours, to finish drinking her bottles. She’s on stage 3 nipples and sippy cups. I just switched her formula to a sippy cup because she will drink her water in 10 minutes flat from her sippy. I’m lost as to what to do to encourage her to drink her bottles in one sitting. Any advice?

Bailey posted in Teething Oct 03


Has anyone experienced their baby getting their 2 front teeth first, instead of the bottom?! I swore my daughter had been teething for weeks and NOTHING was happening. She just smiled real big and where her two front teeth would be are hard and white. Is that would it would look like?

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