San Antonio, TX

Stay at home mom of 2

Potty training question

Lately my son has been showing signs of potty training readiness. He wakes up dry, hates being in dirty diapers and wet ones sometimes, loves sitting on his potty and can take his clothes off. He hasn't gone on the potty but we did put one in the bathroom for him to get used to. My problem is we have a lot going on so we are not home all day. We are home after we take my daughter to school ... More

Weird stomach bug or something else

My family started with a stomach bug last week with me and it seems to have affected everyone different the. It usually does. For my son(17 months) the day everyone else got sick (Sunday) he threw up once and had diarrhea once and then was fine for the next 24 hours. Then Tuesday night he woke up and randomly threw up at 1am, I cleaned him up and he fell right to sleep. He had one diarrhea diap... More

Hives with virus

So my son (16months) has gotten hives twice when he has had a cold or other virus. The first time he got hives his doctor sent him to an allergist to be tested. Everything came back good and he was not allergic to anything so the allergist concluded that the hives were viral. She said he will probably get them whenever he has a virus. My question is has anyone else heard of this? And has anyone... More

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