Levittown, NY

Lunch/Dinner 1 year old

Help! I’m a terrible eater myself and now that my baby girl is eating food I need to cook for her...any ideas on what I can make that she will actually eat??? What do you guys do for lunch and dinner??

Cows milk??

Hello all! My baby girl is about to turn 1...are you guys doing cows milk or almond or anything else ???

Road trip!

Hello, I’m taking my one year old baby girl on a 3 hour road trip and extremely nervous and her crying in her car seat for half the trip... any recommendations on what will keep her entertained ??? TIA !!

No more purée baby food?

My daughter is 10 months old and is now eating everything I can eat. This is great but she’s now giving up on her purée baby food. I honestly think it’s because she knows it’s not what I’m eating and she can’t pick it up with her hands. Anyone else going through this? Do I totally stop with baby food? There’s so much veggies and fruits that can benefit her!

Elizabeth posted in Sleep Oct 02

Help!!!! Sleep regression 9 months old

I need some tips, my daughter is driving me and my husband insane! She won’t sleep anymore not naps not bed time. it takes me over an hour to put her down and she continues to wake up in the middle of the night multiple times. I need some help!! I tried the CIO method and she gets so hot and sweaty the cries are terrifying.

Elizabeth posted in Sleep Sep 26

9 month old...a whole new baby!!

Hello, My baby girl is approaching 9 months in a couple of days and she seems to be a whole new baby! She use to go down for naps and bed time so easily, I’ve had a routine set up with her from birth! Tonight is the first time I actually had to put her in the car seat and drive around (she fell asleep in minutes!) I DO NOT want to do this anymore. Any suggestions or common problem happening wit... More

fluoride vitamin??!

Hello, I live in NY and my pediatrician told me my 8 month old should start taking a fluoride vitamin everyday until she is a teen. I Just so happen to ask my sister if she gives it to her kids and she sent me an article about how toxic it is. Does anyone else give that vitamin to their children?? NY voted against having it in our water and he told me it’s to make their teeth strong. Thank you ... More

Annoying dad!

Every time my 8 month old baby girl cries her dad thinks she’s in pain and always tells me to give her Tylenol, he thinks it’s from teething...do baby’s teeth the entire time or just when a tooth is about to grow in? He makes me second guess myself that I don’t know when she’s in pain or just wants to fight taking her naps.

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