Berkeley, CA
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Help with chores/mother’s helper

Does anyone get help for a few hours a week to handle chores and assorted tasks around the house? I have a 2 month old and need some help to actually get things done. I’ve seen some posts for “mother’s helpers” and I think that’s who I’m looking for. Anyone have experience hiring for this kind of job? What sorts of tasks do you have that person help you do? Thanks!

Fun travel destinations with a 2-3 month old

Hi! I’m seeking recommendations of a good first trip to take with a newborn. My husband and I would love to do a little traveling before I go back to work in September (when baby will be 4 months old). Looking for a short flight, decent weather, easy mobility, and fun activities for us where we can bring baby. Thanks!

Where in Berkeley has AC and is safe for a newborn?

I have a one month old and this heat wave is hard on him. We don’t have an AC at home and fans aren’t keeping him comfortable. Any suggestions for places we can hang out tomorrow that are newborn-friendly (not super germy)? Thanks!

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