Beaverton, OR

Father not involved

Im a SAHM with a toddler and a newborn. Pretty much I hate my life and at this point i do not like my husband. He used to be supportive with the first one but pretty much he gave up all his responsibilities, except providing shelter and food. Sometimes I would talk to him to take us places and he would do so. Then when we argue about choreses at home he would bring up the places and trips we ha... More

I love my children but hate my life

I have two young daughter 30 months and 2 months old. The transition to number two is a struggle. I catch myself everyday crying and don’t know what to do. Don’t get me wrong imnt a bad mom actually everyone thinks i rock motherhood but no one seems to care about my struggles. My 1st is very stubborn and won’t listen to me she hits me and won’t say sorry or if we go to the park she won’t follow... More

Sanna posted in Behavior Jun 10

Toddler crying all the time

I have a 30 months daughter who is literally crying over everything( food, drinks, tv, books, potty, going outside, coming back home, going to bed, leaving the bed..etc) she cries her lungs off and very loud which always bother my 2months daughter then i have two crying babies. I don’t know what to do im losing my sanity. Im a stay at home mom and husband works long hours. It feels like my whol... More

Sanna posted in Behavior Apr 27

A toddler and a newborn

I gave birth to my second child 17 days ago and my first is 2 and a half years. I barely have friends or family where i live to help which means i do everything by myself ( unless husband is home). My newborn is taking most of the attention which leaves little time for my toddler. She started to act differently and i can feel her but I can’t divide myself to two people. How do you explain to a ... More

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