Bozeman, MT

I live in Bozeman and have a beautiful baby girl named Rowen. She was born in July 2018 and is my whole world!!!

Too much Tylenol?

My LO is almost 9 months and has her 6th tooth coming through. It obviously bothers her but i am really hesitant to give her Tylenol--given how many teeth she has dealt with plus two ear infections/colds and pain after shots, i feel like she has already had a lot of Tylenol over her short little life. My husband does not feel this way, he says to follow the guidelines and it shouldn't be an... More

How to stop swaddling?

My doctor told me i have to stop swaddling my 3 month old because she can roll from her stomach to her back but she still has a startle response so her little arms wake her up. Any suggestions on how to handle this? She also sleeps on her doc a tot in her bassinet and because she can roll over i have to remove that as well and i seems like having all that space also wakes her up.. Any suggestio... More

When do you recommend teaching your LO to swim?

I've heard it's easiest when they were under 6 months but that seems young. Any experience here?

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