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Loving life with my Baby Girl

How often does your baby get Diarrhea?

My baby is 11 months and for the past 4 months shes had diarrhea 3 times. I've taken her to her pediatrician, she told me my baby is fine, I've taken her to the ER they said shes fine. And that diarrhea is normal and very common in babies/toddlers. It's very upsetting to have a baby in discomfort once a month and be told hes fine. In my eyes shes not! there is something I'm fe... More

Giving baby tea

Can I give my 8 month old herbal tea. She has a sore throat plus a cold. And I was wonder if I can give her some warm tea

Sleeping with bottle

My 8 month old will only fall asleep if she has a bottle. And she'll even wake up middle of the night looking for her bottle to suck on. I tried giving her a pacifier at night but ever since she was younger shes never liked a pacifier. So I let her suck on her bottle because that's the only way she will fall back to sleep. She has her 2 lower teeth and I've just read that it's n... More

Help! She wont lay still

For the past month ever since my babygirl started crawling its become a major challenge to change her clothes/diaper. I dont have a changing table I have to change her on my bed or the floor. Shes always rolling over and crawling away. I literally have to restrain her sometimes or give her a toy or object but her attention on it doesn't last long. I've gotten to the point where I hate c... More

Front facing car seat

What's the appropriate age for switching your baby from a rear facing car seat to a front facing one. My daughter is almost 7 months and sits up like a champ on her own. When we're driving I can see her trying to sit forward in her carseat. When should I make the transition to a front facing car seat???

Pillow for baby

I put a standard size adult pillow in my babygirls crib. Whenever she's in bed with me she likes to use my pillow so I gave her one of her own. Is this safe? This is the 2nd night and she's slept so comfortable. I wake up a few times to check on her and she looks so cozy. Hasn't woke up crying. Slept through the night!

Stomach Sleeping

So my 6 month old out of nowhere started sleeping on her stomach. I put her down for bed on her back then when I wake up in the middle of the night she is on her stomach. This has been happening every night for the past 2/3 weeks. She seems to be sleeping good in this position but is it normal and most of all safe

Long Sleep

Is is bad that I let me 6 month old sleep past 1030am? Shes goes to sleep at 10pm wakes up between 4 or 5am to have her diaper changed and drink about 2 to 3 oz of milk that back to sleep she goes. Then she won't wake up again until 10 1030am to start her day

Red/ Rosy Cheeks

Out of nowhere my 5 month old babygirl's cheeks turned light red, rosey I should say. Its been a few days now and they're still like that. Some days lighter than others. Shes not acting different. No change in appetite no fever. I read it could be due to teething. Is this true?

Water to babies under 1 years old

What age is it okay to start giving your baby water???

Sippy Cups

What age is best to start transitioning from bottle to sippy cup or even drinking from a straw

Loud Music

This Friday my 4 month old baby girl and I are going to a concert in the park. My grandmother made a comment saying I need to put ear muffs on her/cover her eyes. I'm a 1st time mom I've never heard of this. Is this true should I cover my babys ears???

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