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Trips with 2 Yr Olds

Has anyone taken a particular great weekend trip with a toddler? My twins will be 3 in April and we ve never taken them anywhere. Looking for laid back weekend trip ideas for our family.

Booster Chairs

Best inexpensive Booster seats for 2.5 yr olds? We have the Graaco space saver high chairs, we we have just been pulling up to the table. But, I think our kids are ready for something less bulky and maybe less tempting to climb on.

A posted in Behavior Oct 24, 2018

Boy in Toddler Class

I have 2.5 year old twins, who I just signed up for a Mommy and me class at the rec center. My girl adores the class, follows direction etc. My boy on the other hand is a whiny maniac ... Is this just a boy thing? Or should I be worried. All the other kids in the class are pretty well behaved but he is the only boy.

A posted in Sleep Sep 21, 2018


Curious as to what age everyone’s kids gave up naptime?

My 2 year old will NOT let me brush his teeth. He screams and clamps his mouth shut.

We be tried everything. His twin sister is perfectly happy letting us brush for her.

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