Anoka, MN

Hi, my name is Hope. We have 2 children named Warren and Owen. Warren is 4 years old and Owen is 3 years old!

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Preschool vs. Daycare

Hi, My fiancé and I are trying to decide whether we send our 3 year old to a daycare that has a preschool curriculum or an actual preschool. The problem with a preschool is we don’t know my schedule come fall but my fiancé has to work the whole day so I would have to be the one bringing him the part days where daycare is the whole day. Also, we have a 2 year old which won’t be ready for presch... More

Hand foot and mouth disease

Has anyone had any experience with hand foot and mouth disease? Our 2 year old has it for the second time but it’s a lot worse this time and was just wondering if anyone has anything that helps that we haven’t thought of yet. His gums are very sensitive right now and bleed when you touch them along with a bunch of sores on his tongue and gums and around his lips.

Depo-Vera Shot

Hi, Has anyone been on the depo shot? How did it affect you? How long before you wanted to get pregnant did you get off of it? Thank you!

Memory crafts

I want to do some craft like things for our kids such as a blanket made of old onesies, memory box, tradition like things, etc. but am having a hard time looking things up and finding things. Anyone have cute things they do as their kids grow up? Or know what to search to find stuff? Thank you!

Step-Moms Situations

Any step-moms/ soon to be step-moms that can share their story and how their relationship is with the kids and bio mom? Especially when you come into their life when they are under 2 years old? Also, any biological Moms that have a step-mom in their kids life and how they feel about it? Do they call you Mom?

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