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17 mo not sleeping through the night!

For the last 3 months my 17mo has been waking up at 3 or 4 am every night! We are at wits end! We work full time jobs and are zombies when we get home. My daughter slept through the night since she was 2 months old but not him. He screams and cries for 15 minutes plus and we are so exhausted and for the respect of everyone else’s sleep we grab him and put him in bed or guest bed. Why the same t... More

15 mo has RSV and 11 yo has the flu 😷😷😷

Well sickness is in the air here at my house! My 15mo son just got diagnosed with RSV and my 11yo has type A flu. They both have allergies and my daughter has asthma. The tamaflu they sent home for both children and they both have thrown up with it! It seems that if they eat before they take it that they are less likely to throw up. The drainage is causing the horrible cough which leads to thro... More

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