Payson, UT

I am a stay at home mom of an almost one year old. I am married and love spending time with my family. I absolutely love camping, swimming, hiking, all the fun outdoor summer activities.

Holli posted in Safety May 20

Two year old accidentally sat on my pregnant belly

My toddler wanted to me to read to him and I was sitting at the couch but not completely sitting up so he came to sit on my lap and sat on belly instead. I’m six months pregnant. Should I be worried? I feel a bit crampy now, what should I watch out for?

How can I treat engorgement of the breasts after getting rid of my child’s nighttime feedings?

When he was about 15 months old, I decided to wean my baby off of breastfeeding. With that said, I decided to keep nursing him to sleep at night. Just last night I decided I want to be done nursing, and so I have not nurses him tonight or last night, but I am starting to feel slight engorgement and need some advice on how to treat it. Any advice?

How can I stop my 1 1/2 year old from putting things in his newly discovered nose?

I worry when he puts things in his nose (usually food) that they will get stuck and he will get an infection. Any advice?

Help! How to help one year old with torticollis..

So my baby still has a crooked neck, I have done physical therapy but all the instructor did was give me guidance on what to do, he said to favor play to the right, and like try stretches. I just have such a hard time doing them with my baby.. I don't know what to do but it doesn't seem to be getting better...

How do I tell if my baby is teething?

My baby is just shy of a year old. My husband and I moved about a month and a half ago, and prior to moving, our baby slept through the night really well. Ever since we moved, he hasn't slept through the night except maybe twice. I assumed it was because of a new house, new noise, temperature etc., but wouldn't he be used to it by now? Could it be a sign of teething?

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