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My soon to be two year old decided he was going to stop eating his dinners a few weeks ago (everything except for the avocado I put on the side of his plate, of course.) I went to Trader Joe’s to get some frozen prepped meals so that I could be lazy after baby #2 arrived and what do ya know my little monster toddler likes it ALL. He just ate an entire plate of chicken fettuccini Alfredo. Last ... More

Jessica posted in Sleep Oct 15

Because there are a lot of these...

Since every other post is about baby sleep or potty training, I Thought I’d share this post from the sleep coach I have used in the past.... they have a lot of free tips on baby sleep ☺️ they worked really well for us and I encourage anyone having a problem to reach out- they have motivated me to start doing my own child sleep education to help other mamas- it is so important for our little one... More

When did you transition your kid from a high chair to a booster/seat at the table?

My guy will be 2 next month but he still fits in his high chair and I feel like it’s just easier to clean/ easier to keep him buckled in so he doesn’t leave the table, etc. We have a new baby coming in a couple of weeks and I was thinking about just getting a new high chair for her. my mom and Aunt have both hinted “maybe it’s time to get him a booster seat”..... TIA! 💕

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