Brooklyn, NY

Mom of two boys

I am failing miserably

I am lost and don’t know what else to do to help out my kids be productive people for the future. My oldest son is only 12 and is a daily struggle with him. He is a good sweet boy but I get a daily complaint from school about homework not done, incomplete assignments, failing grades. The school posts the homework online but some days they don’t and I have to go to 3/4 different websites to chec... More

Yo posted in Cute Oct 07, 2019

A cute idea ?

Good day all, What would be a cute idea/surprise for somebody to receive their significant other at the airport other than the traditional flowers and balloons ??? I can’t honestly think of anything else lol

How to organize myself ??

Good day all, I am a single mom of two boys 7/11 and I find myself all over the place with my hands into a lot of things but not really getting anything done. I wake up early to take the kids to school, go back home and get ready for work. Then I get out of work to pick them up and go straight home. Sometimes I have to wait a while for a parking. If I have the kids start homework first in the ... More

Any single parents out there going through the dilemma ??

I separated from my (soon to be ex) husband just over a year ago, and I find im still struggling to adjust to the change. While it has nothing to do with him, I find im having a hard time getting things done. For instance, I want to start exercising, going out, do activities with the kids, but I find it much too hard. My job schedule is really inconvenient, and it usually conflicts with anythin... More

Is it appropriate?

Hello all, It is that time of the year and I dont now what to give the kids teacher for xmass. I was thinking about a gas gift card or a staples gift card? Any thoughts or suggestions on that? I would hate to give them a gift they wont use/ appreciate.....

Yo posted in Parties Oct 09, 2018

11 yo home party

I am planning a little surprise for my big guy turning 11 in Nov. now, I am thinking to bring in some kind if entertainment for the kids ..... but dont know what to look for ? 🤔 I was thinking a clown show is kinda too kiddy .... haha maybe I can bring somebody with a bunny for petting ? Help me out here... im clueless. Thank you all

Is 10 years too young?

My 10 years old is begging me to leave him alone in our apartment while I go to activities with my little guy(6). The thing is I feel unsure about leaving him alone and not because he doesnt behave but I am scared an emergency comes up. I do not know any of my neighbors to ask them to keep an eye on him. When I take my little guy to his activities it takes about 1.5 hrs to go back home. While h... More

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