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Mom of two boys

Yo posted in Parties Oct 09

11 yo home party

I am planning a little surprise for my big guy turning 11 in Nov. now, I am thinking to bring in some kind if entertainment for the kids ..... but dont know what to look for ? 🤔 I was thinking a clown show is kinda too kiddy .... haha maybe I can bring somebody with a bunny for petting ? Help me out here... im clueless. Thank you all

Yo posted in Pre-Teens Oct 02

Is 10 years too young?

My 10 years old is begging me to leave him alone in our apartment while I go to activities with my little guy(6). The thing is I feel unsure about leaving him alone and not because he doesnt behave but I am scared an emergency comes up. I do not know any of my neighbors to ask them to keep an eye on him. When I take my little guy to his activities it takes about 1.5 hrs to go back home. While h... More

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