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As much as I’ve enjoyed breastfeeding I’m ready to start weaning. She’s 18 months and pretty attached. I think that’s why we don’t sleep well at night. She eats foods and drinks plenty throughout the day but I have a feeling it’s going to be tough. Tips? Tricks? Advice? Thank you!

When did your kids grow out of putting EVERYTHING in their mouth?

My 13 month old loves playing outside but it’s pretty miserable for me because she eats EVERYTHING. I don’t even know where she finds some of this stuff. I know a little grass and dirt won’t hurt her but the rocks/pebbles are going to be the death of me. Oh yeah, and that one worm she wanted to eat. 🤢


Could my one year old be having bad dreams? Or is it just gas? She will wake up crying (almost hysterically) at night for what appears to be no reason. Once awake and comforted she’ll go back to asleep. She’s very active and curious and has no screen time other than looking at pictures of animals.

What are some ways I can encourage my one year old to sleep in her car seat?

She used to sleep for hours in the car now she most certainly will not. She will only nod off if I am back there nursing her to sleep. I’m starting to feel really isolated at home because I can only ever go places in between naps and by the time we get anywhere, it’s time to leave. I also can’t go anywhere by myself because I obviously can’t drive and nurse at the same time. I want to do things... More


How long did it take your kids to figure out self-soothing/crying, especially at night? I’m having a serious issue with my little one. We did a mild “sleep training” at 5.5 months and she puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime like a champ but will not stay asleep at night. At the time, I wasn’t ready to stop night nursing but now I’m okay with it as we approach the one year mark and I fee... More

My daughter has a procedure next week which she’ll not be able to eat after midnight.

My issue is that she still wakes up 3x a night to nurse and I don’t know which I’m more nervous about the procedure or the night before. What are some ways we can make this a little easier on everyone?

How do I know when my daughter is ready to wean? She’s only 10 months old but is showing less and less interest in nursing. I know she still needs the nutrition from BM right now.

My husband got some old wooden blocks from his dad’s dad so they’re obviously covered in lead paint. Are they salvageable?

We are planning a road trip with my daughter who will be 10 months (almost 11 months) old at the time. She is not a great sleeper but pretty much solely sleeps in her crib right now (naps and at night). I’m planning on taking a pack and play but am not convinced how well she will do in it. She still wakes up quite a bit at night. I don’t mind if she ends up having to sleep with me but I’m conc... More

Has anyone’s infant had a dermoid cyst? We are in the consideration process or whether we want to remove it. I would love to know your experiences.

My daughter does not sleep! 😩 She is 9 months old today and has not once “slept through the night.” She’s been putting herself to sleep since 5 months and gets put down awake not nursed to sleep anymore. We have a solid bedtime routine and she falls asleep like a peach but just doesn’t stay asleep (a normal night is 3 times but we have much worse nights). She is breastfed and nursed at night b... More

I try to give my 8 month old something other than mashed or puréed food and she always seems to gag or choke on everything. She doesn’t have any teeth yet but even puffs or very small things, she can’t seem to get down. I want her to practice feeding herself to build her fine motor skills but we are unable to do that. Any advice?

Every once in a while, my daughter will be completely not interested in nursing but when I give her a bottle with breast milk in it, she kills it. I hand express and have milk coming out but she just isn’t interested. I do pump (but don’t enjoy it) and I know she needs to be sucking from me most of the time to keep my supply (I’ve had supply issues). Any advice?

What is the best sunscreen for babies in your experience?

When did you let your kid have a blanket in bed?

My daughter is 7 months old and has been breastfed. On two separate times I’ve gotten on pretty good workout kicks and my milk supply has dropped like crazy. The first time I thought it was a combination of working out, she started sleeping in her own bed, teething, solids, etc. Now that I’ve worked out consistently for the last few weeks my supply is back to being low. I have not cut calories ... More

My daughter sleeps (I use this term loosely) and naps in her crib but I want her to also be able to nap and sleep in her pack n play. What are some good ways to transition her?

Has anyone had any success going from EBF to mostly or all pumping? My 6 month old just grazes all day long and I think it sets the tone for the night time as she continues to graze through the night. Up 2-5 times a night 😴 I let her because I never know how much she’s actually getting as she never eats that long.

My 6 month old has tried most baby food fruits and veggies as well as avocado. We’ve tried a little bit of meat but neither of us are into it 😕 What other foods have you done with your little ones?

Did anyone have issues while drinking Mother’s Milk Tea or anything to increase their supply with having a gassier baby? Could it be the Tylenol she’s getting? She’s so gassy! I cut out dairy about a month and a half ago thinking she may have a sensitivity. Her gas seems to be getting worse. If she doesn’t have a sensitivity could not getting the good bacteria from dairy cause things to get ... More

When did night feedings stop for you?

Amber teething necklaces: I know there is no science to back them but people swear by them. I would like to know your experiences/thoughts. We have one but I’m scared it’s going to choke her 😕

Sleep training: how long until your kiddos “got it”? When did it get easier? What did you do when they did wake up at night? How did you keep your little one awake while eating when that’s previously pretty much the only way they would doze off?

What worked for you for your kid to learn self-soothing/ fall asleep on their own?

How long after cutting dairy did you notice an improvement in your breastfed baby? I’ve been living by the advice, “you can spend your whole time breastfeeding trying to figure out which food cause a few problems” but my kid’s gas is sooo bad. She gets gas medicine at night but it’s not helping. She’s up every 1-2 hours at night so I’m willing to try just about anything.

My almost 3 month old likes going to sleep with movement. She sleeps in a rock and play at night due to reflux, I've considered moving her back into her halo with a wedge or just not turning on the movement. She also takes naps in her swing, I can put her in there tired but awake and she will fall asleep. Once she falls asleep she likes to stay where she is, except at night when she nurses ... More

My 2.5 month old was pretty much sleeping through the night (8:30-4AM-👍). Then she got her two month vaccines, which spiked a fever, sent us to the ER, all that fun stuff. Since then, I'm lucky if she sleeps 4 hours at a time. Once she wakes up for the first time in the night, she's up every hour or two. She is solely on breast milk so I'm told that is the issue, that breastfed babi... More

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