Santa Ana, CA

first time mommy to am angel, Aba therapist autism fighter, student of life, i love to dance, i am a raver and a hippie 420 mama. not married yet, working on it

Need a reliable babysitter

I want to know..... How many kids do you have, how old are they, do you work away from home and if so who do you trust to care for them🤔

Learning and socializing

I would like to know what parents have done by the age 2 with their kids. Or even before age 2. In related to school and play. Is there programs for that age already? I just found out that my cousin works at a school and they put babies in it. I guess a little like day care.

Ideal sleep time

What is the appropriate or ideal time a baby/toddler should go to bed. I see many comments that people put their kids to bed by 7. Mine will not go to bed until 11ish. She is 12 mo and sje would fall asleep around 12 to 2 am now we were able to change it to 10pm-12am. She sleeps in her crib but same room.

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