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Looking for recommendations on a carseat for my 2 year old to use in grandparents cars.

Miscarriage support

One of my close friends just suffered a miscarriage that was very traumatic not only emotionally, but physically as well. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and am seeking advice on how to support her during this time without seeming like I'm flaunting my own pregnancy. For anyone who has had a miscarriage and is willing to share, what would have been helpful to you?

Toddler possessiveness

Im about 30 wks pregnant with my second and my first (22 months old) is starting to become very protective/possessive of me around my husband. I stay at home with her, so I'm not sure if that comes into play. But at times she will hardly let my husband talk to me let alone touch me, without saying "no my mommy" or something like that. We all eat dinner together, sometimes they hav... More

Mama koala diapers

Anyone use the brand mama koala cloth diapers? We have used bumgenius for about 2 years now. But we don't have a huge stock so we wash pretty frequently and they are starting to show some wear. I was wondering about the mama koala bc they seem like they would fit well (narrow leg openings) aaaaaand they seem to be more affordable than the bumgenius...

Baby carrier

Can anybody share their pros and cons for lillebaby vs tula? Im expecting my second in December and wanting to get a good quality carrier that's easy to use for breastfeeding, comfortable and lasting. I was thinking of getting the lillebaby but after looking at them side by side the tula looks like it would fit a petite person better than the lillebaby (I'm 5 ft and about 115 lbs [pre... More


My 19 month old is finally sleeping through the night (and 12 hours at that!!!) She was a really tough sleeper for nighttime and especially naps. Now that she's sleeping 12 consecutive hours she's even more resistant to those daytime naps. She has done several days without a nap and if we don't try to force her to nap it doesn't seem to affect her mood or nighttime sleep all... More

First weekend away

The first weekend of September, my husband and I are going out of town for 2 nights to a wedding. We are leaving our daughter (19 months currently) with his parents. It will be the very first time I have been away from her for more than 6 or 7 hours at a time. She still currently nurses 3x a day though not usually more than 15 mins at a time (15 at wake up, 15 before nap and really less tha... More

Baby K'tan Carrier

Anybody have experience with the baby k'tan carrier? I had the Boba wrap for my first and liked it, but it was cumbersome to wrap and would like some more breathability as we live in Fl. So I'm looking into purchasing a new and easier baby carrier for my second. I've heard some good things about the K'tan being one piece and having a mesh/"active" option...

Potty training

Any advice/ tips for potty training? My 17 month old daughter started asking to use her own potty yesterday. So far, she sat on it what felt like a million times, she let her bear and her baby doll go. Then she finally peed! Then she tried to poo, but stood up just a little too early šŸ™„ lol. Her toilet "flushes" and says hooray. She wears cloth diapers and I ask her if she needs to go... More

Baby monitor

When did you stop using a monitor in your child's room?

I still breastfeed my 16 month old occasionally as in morning, naps and nighttime (basically anytime she's tired). She wants to switch sides what feels like a million times before settling in. I'm not sure If that's because she's fighting the sleep or if its something else. I also recently found out that i am expecting again. Haven't done much more than a cursory search of b... More

Any suggestions/experience on double stroller that uses the Chico key fit infant seat?

I'm just reaching here, but my baby is currently 15 months and getting her first molars. She's miserable and can't sleep. We were up from 2-7:30 this morning with her screaming until she was nursing. Any time i took her away from the breast it started all over again. Anyone have some positive affirmations, advice or similar stories?

When was the first time you left your child overnight? I have a friend who is getting married in September (out of state) and I am contemplating leaving my 20 month old (in September) with grandparents for the night/weekend. So far she's never spent a night without me, my husband has been away multiple times for work, but I've always been with our daughter...

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