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Mother of 2 girls. Long spending time out doors and having fun with my family.

School teaching? Is it wrong or am I just being a pain?

So first off let me tell you a little about what’s going on. My daughter started kinder this year and I have been doing all the prep work to make sure she is good in class with all her letters and numbers. The school for one is short staffed for kinder and my daughter got placed into a bilingual teacher. I’m okay that the teacher is bilingual but I do not feel comfortable that my daughter is le... More

Kids obsessions?

I have two girls and they both are obsessed with different things? One is all about the unicorns and Disney Barbies, while my other one is obsessed with Japanese animation drawing and books that I don’t understand. I read and blog for a living at times but I can’t seem to catch my rhythm to their obsessions. Every other month it’s like they have different obsession, what do you do to keep up or... More

Do you still have your stuffed animal as a child?

Is it weird that as an adult I still have my sheep that I got from when I was a child. My daughter loves it I gave it to her but from time to time, I’ll tell her of the adventure we used to take and how we would sneak up on top of the camp house and watch the stars.

Makeup or Not?

My daughter is starting the 6th grade next week, she asked me today if she can get some makeup? My first thought was yes, finally something we might bond over that I know since I don’t know sports but then. Is she to young what to start off with, does make up make her more noticeable and attractive to boys (don’t want that) or should I be more worried about her skin since I use make up but not... More

Boy talk?

My soon to be 12 year old keeps bring up boys. Her friends are all dating but I think it’s way to young for her to have a boy friend. Is it me or am I being to way over protective? I all ready had all the mom and daughter talks about sex and going through young womanhood? What are your thoughts and how can I also bring this up to my husband without him losing his bananas?

How young is too young?

My daughter is starting kinder this year, is it to soon to get her a cell phone? I got my first daughter a cell phone when she was in 2nd grade and she did good but my 4 yr old is so advanced that I think is okay but I still have worries. My husband says its okay but being in the criminal justice field my head is split. Please help? Thank you

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Love this place great place for the family. Has great food next boor you can bring in and the price for the kids only is very inexpensive.

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