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Ira posted in Behavior Jun 02

Smelling food

Does your 17 month old baby smell food before he/she eats it?

Potty training

Any suggestions on how to potty train a 19 month baby boy?


Hi everyone, so my 15 month old baby has been in a lowest percentage of height and weight since he was a month old and I’m worried cause he’s a picky eater. Has anyone have this problem with their little one? And do you give him/her a vitamins and what kind?

I’m worried

So my 1 yo son has a mottling skin all over except on the face. Is that normal?


My 1 yo is eating 3 times a day and 2 times a day for snacks but is not gaining weight. Went to the doctor yesterday and he is on the lowest percentage for the weight and doctor want him to gain weight in a month. Any suggestions on what to give so he can gain weight? Or maybe drinks or vitamins?

Ira posted in Sleep Oct 13, 2018


My 10 month old baby likes to use the boobies as a pacifier to fall asleep. How can I stop it?

10 month old doesn’t babble

My 10 month old doesn’t babble much and I am worried.

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