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Car seat

My son and I travel a lot between Utah and Idaho. The trip is about 5 1/2 hours give or take. We make this trip every few weeks. My son was terrible at traveling and it was miserable. He’s 18 months old, so, despite everyone telling me to keep him rear facing until he’s 4 or whatever it is, I flipped him around to forward facing. Want to guess what happened? That’s right. He’s a freaking angel ... More

Sleep regression

I need advice about my 18 month old’s sleep regression and using the Ferber Method. We’ve used it for his sleep training in the past, and it’s become very difficult. Has anyone dealt with a toddler that cries for hours before going to sleep? HELP

Opinions on Ferber method?

My husband and I have decided to try it on my 18 month old. He’s just not sleeping well consistently. Anyone have any input or tips? Anything would be helpful.

How normal is my son’s sleeping?

I have an almost 18 month old and he does really great most of the time going to bed and staying in bed. But randomly every few weeks he has a night or two that he wakes up and just wants to stay up. We leave him in his crib after trying several different things and just let him cry. Most of the time, he cries for about a half hour when this happens. But sometimes, one of us ends up staying up ... More


My 16 month old won’t stop waking up in the middle of the night and deciding he’s just awake now. I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired he is. He didn’t take a nap at all today and he still woke up. I’m going crazy. It’s gotten to the point where I begin panicking if I hear him cry at night. I’ve tried everything. I’ve rocked with him, I’ve let him cry, I’ve put him in my... More

When do babies start napping only once a day?

My 12 month old naps twice a day and my MIL acted like it was weird, but I know he definitely can’t make it with only one yet. Her twin grandkids, who are 18 months take one nap a day, but after spending a week with them in close quarters, it seems like they need another nap, or maybe it’s just me. What age do kids go off their second nap?

Straw drinking?

When did your kids learn how to drink through a straw. My son is 10 months and can’t seem to figure it out. He is bottle fed and is also SUPER uninterested in holding the bottle himself.

Feeding himself?

When do babies learn to hold the bottle by themselves? I feel like he should be doing it by himself by now, but he won’t touch the bottle if I’m holding it. He won’t take it out of my hand, and he gets frustrated when he can’t figure out how to drink it. Is it too early? If it’s not, what do you suggest? He’s 8 1/2 months.

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