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When do babies start napping only once a day?

My 12 month old naps twice a day and my MIL acted like it was weird, but I know he definitely can’t make it with only one yet. Her twin grandkids, who are 18 months take one nap a day, but after spending a week with them in close quarters, it seems like they need another nap, or maybe it’s just me. What age do kids go off their second nap?

Straw drinking?

When did your kids learn how to drink through a straw. My son is 10 months and can’t seem to figure it out. He is bottle fed and is also SUPER uninterested in holding the bottle himself.

Feeding himself?

When do babies learn to hold the bottle by themselves? I feel like he should be doing it by himself by now, but he won’t touch the bottle if I’m holding it. He won’t take it out of my hand, and he gets frustrated when he can’t figure out how to drink it. Is it too early? If it’s not, what do you suggest? He’s 8 1/2 months.

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