Hampden Township, PA

I am a mom of a 3 year old and a newborn. I Drive school bus for CV Schools and Love it. My son loves the kids as well, and they love him.

Need some advice. MIL is getting crazy needy... needy to see my son her grandson. She invites herself up at least once a week, and last night tried to invite herself up to sleep over for some reason (still trying to figure out why). Any thoughts how to tell her, I’m an adult, bug off, without totally POing her?

Looking for group activities for Toddlers in late AM time frame in the Harrisburg, PA area that are free or low cost that I could take my 2 year old to so he can learn to play with others his age and take turns. We already do Mechanicsburg library on Thursday AM and Grantham Church Sing and Play Friday AM. Thanks

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