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What do you do with your old breast pump?

Now that insurances cover breast pumps all of my friends get one for free so I have no one to give my old pump to. Have any of you found a place that accepts old breast pumps?

Momof2 posted in Behavior Aug 25

Loved this advice on how to deal with whining and other challenging behaviors!

I listened to this episode recently and found it really helpful! The title of the episode is how to deal with whining in a different way but she definitely talks about how her strategy applies to all behavior that can be challenging. I have been starting with the “ say what you see” portion of the strategy and I found it helpful not only for my kids, but it definitely also gives me space to mak... More

Momof2 recommended a place Aug 15


The playground is suited for both little ones as well as bigger kids! The bathroom is right in the middle of the park, which is convenient. There are baseball fields, tennis courts and bocce ball courts. It’s also right across the street from A few restaurants so you can take some food to go for a picnic in the park

Momof2 posted in Diapering Aug 01

Has anyone had experience flushing G diaper disposable inserts?

I recently heard about G diapers and watched the video claiming they are flushable. I have read mixed things online about whether they clog toilets or not. Anybody have any experience with them? Did your toilet get clogged if you flushed them? Also if you use them did you take them out and about with you and flush them in public toilets?

Potty training at naptime/bedtime

I have a 3 1/2-year-old and she has been going without diapers during the day time no problem for months, but we have been putting diapers on her for naptime and bedtime. I was recently talking to a mom about how to get rid of the diapers completely and she said that you just have to start taking the diapers away and they will wet the bed a few times and then they will learn. So we started doin... More

Momof2 posted in Behavior May 22

Interesting article

My three-year-old is constantly asking me to tell her stories. I was getting tired of telling stories but my perspective on storytelling changed after reading this article.

Momof2 posted in Toddlers Apr 19

Getting rid of the pacifier

What age did you get rid of the pacifier completely? My 18 month old only uses hers for naptime and bedtime, but I can’t imagine her falling asleep without it. I’ve heard if you get rid of it before two it’s much easier. What has your experience been? Did you do it cold turkey or just slowly wean off?

Books about going to preschool?

We are sending our daughter to preschool this fall. I thought it would be good to start talking about it with her now.Do you have any recommendations for books that talk about going to preschool and what it’s going to be like?

Momof2 posted in Behavior Feb 16

When you disagree on discipline tactics

This morning my husband came down and was trying to get the kids to clean up their toys and they weren’t listening. I disagreed with the way he was handling the situation so I just sat there quietly. Then he got on me for not backing him up and supporting him. I didn’t want to start a disagreement in front of the kids and didn’t want to seem like we weren’t on the same page so I was planning on... More

Indoor activities?

The smoke in Sonoma County is pretty bad right now. What indoor activities are you doing to keep your kids busy and out of the smoke?

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