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Working part time while having a big family

My fiancé and I want 6 kids when we get married. Right now he works part time and I am currently looking for a part time job. I graduated from school over a year ago, but I’m having trouble finding work. I’m wondering if it’s even possible to be a working parent while having a big family?

Morgan posted in Nutrition Sep 13

Low carb while pregnant

I saw my primary care doctor today and he put me on a low carb diet to help me lose weight and i was wondering how i can do that when i get pregnant and if any other mothers who were expecting or are expecting right now ate low carb was it hard???? was it easy????? did your obgyn ok it???? FYI i am educating myself for pregnancy and motherhood i am not pregnant right now or even trying i am ju... More

Baby fever

I need to quit watching gender reveals💗💙💗💙 and name reveals it makes me want to have a baby right now but tim and i r not even married yet i am basically torturing myself by watching these videos

Merry belated christmas everyone

Merry belated christmas everyone what did u all do with your families?????

Hello everyone I am here to make friends and learn and I am engaged to a wonderful man named Tim and he is 8 years older then I am I am 25 and he is 33

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