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Labor and delivery

Okay so here goes. My on/gyn is new to me bc of insurance issues and seems to be the ONLY ob on my insurance list. So he’s 82 years old and he has made so many mistakes during my pregnancy I just don’t trust him anymore and I don’t seem to have options. He doesn’t seem to have a boss bc it’s his practice? He has himself one nurse and a secretary and that’s it. In a small dirty office too. S... More

Exclusively Breastfed and I would like to introduce cows milk

My daughter 1 yr and 4 months old drinks water and juice from a sippy cup but will absolutely not drink milk. I have tried to warm it and everything. She just tastes it and spits it out. I have never pumped so she has never had breast milk from anything other than my breast. How can I wean her from my breast to cows milk. Ps she has been offered a bottle to try to introduce milk and won’t even ... More

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