Bellevue, WA

Birthday Party Venue?

I’m looking for an indoor playground for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Any recommendations in the Bellevue/Redmond area?

Potty training my 20 month old

My daughter has been showing signs of potty training readiness for a few weeks now. She’s even peed and pooed on the potty a few times. I want to potty train her but am worried since we have an international trip coming up in 3 weeks. We’ll be out for 6 weeks with a few plane trips and road trips. With the jet lag, change in environment and new people around her, I’m worried that if I train her... More

Switching over to cow’s milk- tips?

My daughter is 15 mo and I’ve been breastfeeding her till now. I want to switch over to cow’s milk, however it’s not going well. I decided to start with weaning her off her afternoon feed first but she’ll take a sip from her cup and leave it. After several failed tries with plain milk, I tried fruit shakes of which she’ll maybe drink a couple of ounces (as long as it’s a different flavor from t... More

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