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1st Birthday.

I didnt wanna have a birthday party but her dad wants to invite a million and 1 friends to the small dinner we were goin to have so i guess its party planning time well small party. Is there any good places to have a kids party, not a party hall something like an activity place.

Walker troubles

My daughter hatesss her walker as soon as someone puts her in it she has a tantrum, but she loves she loves sittin in her high chair i want her to love her walker. So she can get practice on walking as well. Btw i want to buy her a new walker she pretty tall to tall for her current walker, so any ideas on walkers i can get? Please and thank you

Cradle cap

Ok so my daughter has cradle cap in one spot she has had it all over her scalp but i was able to get rid of it with oil brushing it nd then washing her hair, but this one spot will not come out it is now black spots on the top of her head. she's had it for quite a while now. Do you guys have any other remedies?

Baby brezza formula pro

Does anybody have the brezza formula pro and is experiencing problems like me. At first the machine was dispensing to much formula into the bottles. Now im gettin to much water, if i want a 4oz bottle i keep gettin 5oz or 4.5 oz. ive taken this machine apart many times to see if i could find the problem and nothin. I love this machine so much i want it to work; But i think its time to return it.

Enfamil gentlease

My daughter will be 3 mnths soon (Aug10th) and i changed her from regular enfamil to gentlease because of her gas I've noticed her poop was becoming pasty and shes been slightly constipated. Today i had to help her by puttin her legs up. Is this normal ? If it helps she now eats 5 to 6 oz.

Formula Coupons

Ive received these coupons along with samples of formula. Does anybody know where i can used them I've tried Walgreens they said they couldnt take them because it has to b processed as a check 😒😒

Traveling on a plane with a 2 month old

I will be getting on a plane with my daughter soon. I have never traveled with children before, so I am definitely kind of scared. Any tips on what to pack and going through TSA? Should I use a carseat, carrier, or stroller? I definitely would love to know your experiences and advice.

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