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am an awesome mom! but love getting help and advice from other mommas!!

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My one year old has a cough!!

Hi guys just recently my baby has a cough. What remedies do you guys use for your babies because at the docotor they dont give him anything?

Teething and crying all day help!!

My baby is 14 months and hes theething which are the molars I'm having so much trouble because he cries all day and only wants me hes mom please any help!! What did ya'll do to help your babies out?

My son fell!

My son fell and hit hes forehead and now has a bump. What can I do to make it go away? Can he sleep?

Help mommas please!!

Hi guys so recently I've had some troubles with my one year old hes started to hit hes head about a month ago and I've started to get a little scared because he hits him self with hes hand closedrust. I've noticed he does it when I tell him no or he wants something and I dont give it to him. How can I have him stop doing that? Or have any mommas have that problem?

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