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Lilina posted in Babies Oct 28

Ferber method

Has anyone had success with the Ferber method? Any tips? My son is 4 months old and I would like to start sleep training as he really cannot self soothe at all.

Lilina posted in Bathing Oct 15

Daily bathing for 3 month old?

My LO is 3 months old and we bathe him every other day as the doctor said he doesn’t need a daily bath. On the day we do bathe him he sleeps longer at night, 8pm-5:30am when we don’t bathe him he sleeps 8pm-2-3am. Can we bathe him daily to help his sleep?

Lilina posted in Babies Oct 08

Transitioning from swaddle to no swaddle at night

My LO is 3 months old and we have been swaddling him since birth. He moves around so much so that is the only way he sleeps. At around 2 months he would sleep from 8pm-3am eat then sleep until 7:30-8ish. I am trying to transition him from the swaddle because soon he won’t be able to use it anymore. Last night was the first night and he woke up every 2 hours. Not fully awake but fussy where I ne... More

Lilina posted in Newborns Aug 22

LO will only stop crying when held or on top of mom or dad

My LO is 7 weeks, turning 2 months on Saturday. It’s been a struggle getting things done around the house and having a second to myself as my LO is only comfortable being held or on top of mom or dad. We have tried the swing and longest he will stay without crying is a few minutes unless asleep. I have tried a bouncer chair which he cries as soon as he’s put in. We also have him play on his bab... More

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