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I just wanted to share that I’ve been working with my 3 year old going on the potty for what seems like forever and this week it seemed to just click and she’s been using the potty- we still have some work to do. But if you are working with your kids and you feel at a loss, just hang in there they will get it!

Entertaining kids during severe weather

Hurricane coming, ideas or activities to entertain two toddlers if power goes out??

Ashly posted in Technology Aug 25

ABC mouse website

Does anyone use ABC Pros/Cons? Worth the money? Other apps/websites out there that are similar? Thanks

Hand Foot Mouth

Hand foot Month- need some advice on how to handle this, I’m pretty sure my youngest has it taking him to the doctor in a few!

Ashly posted in Behavior Jun 23

My 2 year old walking in circles

My 2 year old will randomly start walking around in circles and will continue this for a good few minutes, should I be worried or can this be a normal behavior? If we call her name she responds and looks at us but my other two kids don’t/haven’t done this before.

Ashly posted in Bathing Apr 02

So my 2.5 is traumatized with bath time- she will play in the water but as soon as I start washing her body or even think ab her hair she freaks out and gets out of the tub and runs away! Any tips to get her to let me wash her off 🤣

Ashly posted in Behavior Mar 09

My little one fusses ALL the time. He has to be held in order for him to not be crying or screaming his head off!! Any tips to get to be happy!!!!

Ashly posted in Behavior Feb 25

My 16 month old is so fussy and clingy all the time. I’m at my breaking point. Any advice?

Ashly posted in Babies Jan 08

Tips to get my 14 month old off the bottle- last of three- didn’t have any issues with other two !?

Bedtime at our house is a nightmare!!! I have a one and two year old to get to sleep. I think it’s time to cut the two years nap. Any tips?

My one year old has started doing this thing where he is given food, puts it in his mouth, chews on it(I’m thinking he’s eating it) and then spits it out. I thought it was bc he didn’t like what I had given him but he’s doing it with everything. I’m thinking it’s just a Phase but my other two never did that.

Tips on getting one and two year old to sleep in their bed and stay there. They share a room and have toddler beds.

Gift ideas for the holidays for one and two year old siblings. (Boy and girl) they play with each other’s toys anyway...

Best way to get permanent marker off of walls and plastic railing without having to paint over it all? 😂

Daughter is at the point were she needs to start wearing training bras- every style I have brought her- she complains and refuses to wear them. Any brand suggestions? Or ways to encourage her to wear them? We have gone shopping-together and she has picked them out but still refuses.

5th grader- having a hard time getting homework done, have to tell her multiple times to start doing it and when she finally does she takes FOREVER- any tips to get her to focus and get everything done(which is a good amount of homework every night). Schools only been in a few weeks don't know if we'll make it to the end 😂

I have some birthdays coming up and I want to give suggestions for gifts(not saying I'm requiring anyone to bring anything, but there are things my kids need) what do you think the best way to communicate those needs would be? -put a list in with the invitations? Text everyone? Or don't say anything unless ppl ask?

Does anyone use

My 10 month is very fussy when he is left with my husband- cries the whole time- he is a high needs baby too- anything we can do make him happier for his and my husbands sake ?

My 10 month old is very attached to me- can't get anything done around the house. Always wants me to hold him. Has a 2 yr old sister but they play together for a hot minute before he is on the hunt looking for me. How do I encourage independent playtime so I can at least wash the dishes.

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