Collegeville, PA


Out of nowhere, my 4.5 yo daughter wants her drawings to be PERFECT. She’s always loved coloring, drawing, tracing and she’s good at it! We’ve always given her big ups for her hard work and explain often about practicing.. she’ll try to draw something, in pencil, and if it’s not perfect she freaks out! We keep explaining how it doesn’t have to be and it makes it unique if it’s different. But s... More

Pregnant with my 2nd and its so different than first,

Anyone experience feeling like someone punched you in the top part of your belly? Its like someone knocked wind out of me. It’s been coming and going. I’m 28 weeks and struggling all day with this feeling. Thanks in advance!

Too much tv!

We moved from Pittsburgh to philly, leaving all my family.. when we lived there we spent so much time visiting and doing things and now being here without knowing anyone, I find myself letting my 4.5 yo watch so much tv and I’m having serious mom guilt. It doesn’t help that I’m pregnant and have ZeRo energy... AND this heat outside sucks! Just wanting to know I’m not alone!

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