Biloxi, MS

Good present idea or no?

My family does a big Christmas thing. This year we are tight on money and my daughter's birthday is on the 18th of December. So we are expected to pay for 7 kids plus our daughters Christmas and her birthday and Christmas for our house. everyone gets the all the kids big expensive presents that they ask for. So idk if this is an option or if it just makes us look cheap. But i had an idea of... More

Have a good recipe?

Does anyone know a good recipe to use imitation 🦀 crab 🦀???

What are some good ideas for date night?

My husband and I rarely get time without are daughter. She's two almost three and we have only ever gone out maybe six times for like three or four hours. We are trying to get on a groove of going out once a week. The issue is it had been so long since we've done something regularly that we have no clue what to do. Last date night we went out to eat talked about how our daughter would l... More

Is 2 too young for Shrek?

Today I was watching a family member's kid who is 6. My daughter is 2. My daughter's favorite movie is Shrek. So for lunch I put it on for them while they ate to get them calm. When they came to pick their daughter up, she was super excited to tell them they watched Shrek. They seemed fine with it left and shortly after I received a long text on how they think I'm a bad parent for l... More

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