Los Angeles, CA

Date Night Babysitter

I wanted to recommend and amazing date night babysitter if anyone needs a night out. Her name is Flo and she’s incredible! Kind, capable, professional. I know my daughter is in great hands with her so I can actually enjoy my date night. If you’re interested I’ll pass along her info to you.

Christmas Tree Fence?

Anyone have any experience with these? I have a curious and active 1yo and she gets into everything. How do I keep her from tipping over the Christmas tree?

Local LA Vacations with 1 year old?

Anyone have any recommend for inexpensive & stress free vacations/day trips to take around Christmas that are within about 4 hours of LA?

Mom Friendly Career Change

Anyone have any suggestions? I’m looking to make a career change where I can earn a stable income from home. My previous jobs had me out of town too much and/or my income was canceled out by daycare costs.

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