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Ian posted in Sleep Aug 29, 2018

1yo waking up earlier and earlier each day

Our 13mo started to sleep thru the night, which is great, but he’s started to wake up earlier and earlier. We put him down at 7pm, and this morning he was up at 5:30am. When this happens, we feed him a bottle of milk and hope he goes back down, but not so much lately. 6am is really the average wake up time for him lately. Is this normal? 7am would be so nice! Maybe we got spoiled with our fir... More

Anyone try a sleeping wedge? We had our 2 mo old son in a slightly elevated sleeper but he’s outgrown it, so we have went cold turkey and put him in a bigger flat surface bassinet. He’s been up every two hours during the night where before it was at least one 5+ hr stretch. I know for sleep positioners it’s the only safe one to use, so we are good there. More concerned about whether or not it’l... More

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