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A posted in Flying Nov 09

I’ve read through quite a few posts but still need advice

We will be traveling from ca to Hawaii in April with a 2 yr old and 9 yr old that have never been on a plane. We will have family with us but I still want my kids to be as comfortable as I can make them any advice/tips?

I feel disconnected and depressed

I love my son and my family but lately I don’t know how to be around them. I work 8-12 hours a day at a job I’ve grown to hate, I come home and clean and cook and my 18 mo old gets unruly to where sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I’ve literally been laying in bed for 2.5 hours,dad and son got home about an hour after me and when dad left I put son down for a nap.... I want to be that mom... More

Car seat doesn’t fit

Anyone else feel their car is too small for car seat?? We upgraded to a multi year seat and it really fits snugly my front seat is uncomfortable for anyone over 5 ft and my son hates the angle it’s at ( loves dads truck tho). I know it’s not the end of the world just wondering if others are dealing with this

A posted in Money Feb 14, 2019

Savings account options

What are some other savings options we could set up for our kids, other than a regular savings account? I know there are options for saving towards an education, but the kids are getting money as gifts, so I’d like it to be theirs to do with as they please when they’re older. It would be nice to have it grow more than .01% over the next 10-15 years.

Supply increase after a year

Any tips on increasing supply after 1year. I’d like to build up my freezer stash so he can drink BM well into 2 years especially if I were to discontinue feeding him ....I tried pumping last weekend along with feeding and became completely frustrated since I only got about an ounce I’ve also been taking fenugreek- any suggestions are appreciated

Cows milk

My son has been exclusively breast feed, he eats food now And gets BM 4-7 times in a 24 hr period. When he was a few months old we found that me drinking dairy in coffee or however effected his digestion and now I’m concerned cows milk will bother him in a sippy cup. Any one have any thoughts on this? I became sensitive to something in cows milk as a kid I could least have yogurt, cheese, i... More

Potty training a boy

So I’ve been thinking ahead( unfortunately it’s like a disease lol) and am wondering what are your thoughts on potty training a boy? Do we get a seat for toilet or one of the potty seats and graduate up to that. When we potty trained my niece we went froggy potty and then she started using the big one the way it was - we never even thought to get her a seat for it.... what are your thoughts and... More

A posted in Sleep Nov 26, 2018

Does anyone else’s LO freak out at bed/nap time?

I feel like my son freaks out every time I put him down for bed or a nap his dad can put him in there and usually just grunts a little and grabs his blankey( he chews/sucks on it) and is calm. I feel like such a failure, it’s so hard hearing his fits

What are your teething/ allergy tips??

My almost 9mo old is currently sitting in his crib yelling (has been for approx 29 mins now). I went and fed him but he’s still upset. I Noticed earlier he’s had a runny nose so gave him Tylenol before bed just to be safe (tooth 7 just pushed all the way through). He popped one tooth ring and currently have washcloth in freezer. I need help!!!

Is anyone ever gotten a rash between your boobs when breast-feeding

I don’t have big boobs to begin with and I’ve never gotten a rash on my chest before it’s annoying but it doesn’t seem like anything serious

Are there any online counseling groups or over the phone resources for depression?

I’m not real outgoing to begin with and don’t like th idea if someone local judging me ( I know that sounds terrible). I’m stuck in a rut and am trying to pull out if it but just feel like I need someone to talk to

A posted in Bathing Sep 17, 2018

Does anyone else’s baby hate bath time?

My son is almost 8mo and he’s never been incredibly crazy about baths or showers but now he’s at the point of just screaming when it comes to it ( he also freaks out if I wipe his face off after eating). Any tips or tricks?

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