Los Angeles, CA

Mom to a 8 month old baby girl and a 1 week old baby boy

NICU mama

I had my second baby in the same year that i had my first born. My son decided to come really early I had him at 23 weeks. He is in the NICU and I’m praying he makes it out alive. He is truly a fighter tho and I truly admire my son for being such a strong guy during the hardest part of his life right now so mama also has to be strong for my little guy. Anyone else in this situation as well ?

First giggle

I think my baby had her first giggle today she is 3 months old. How old were your babies when they had their first giggle ?

How do you know when your LO is teething?

My baby has been drooling more and putting her hands in her mouth and she also tries to eat my hands when I’m by her mouth, or my clothes as well.

My baby girl smiling at her grandpa

When do you start putting your LO on a sleeping schedule my daughter is 2 months old is it still too early she is sleeping a bit more through the night now

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