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"Though she be little, she is fierce."

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Anyone have any childcare recommendations? My daughter is 3 with special needs; she’s been attending a home-based childcare for over a year and is going to preschool, so she’s used to groups. However, her daycare no longer feels like they can accommodate her needs (for example, she still needs to be spoon fed and isn’t potty trained). If you know any compassionate childcare provider who’d even ... More

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Nice empty playground from this morning! Only a few kids there, so I think the playground is lesser known. There were 2 play structures, one for ages 2-5, the other ages 5-12. Plus there was a lot of open grass space. It's a nice find as there's tons to do but not overwhelming for my autistic toddler 👍🏽👍🏽 Pretty clean too. Parking I can imagine can be hit or miss.

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I've always liked this park + zoo combo, with rides for smaller kids. Lots to do, very clean, and lots of foam flooring for the tiny runners. Plenty of restrooms, and cloudy days like today are awesome as it's not too hot. Food was also not bad. On a more personal note: absolutely no meltdowns or crying from my autistic daughter 🙌🏽 This is a rarity, as most things overwhelm her. So tha... More

Hi, I'm new to Winnie! Anyone on here have an autistic child or have recommendations for places/activities that are autism/special needs friendly? For example, there's this beautiful inclusive playground in Palo Alto with lots of sensory focus. And these cute little pods for when kids need a break if things get overwhelming. And the floor is very soft all around the various play zones... More

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