Eugene, OR

What's the best thing everyone has used for eczema on their babies neck and stomach?

Do you guys know of any natural remedies to deal with conjunctivitis or eye infection for my 3 month old son ?

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone. So here's my question I need to clip my 2 month old son's finger nail what is everyones method of choice

To all new parents or first time parents what has been the most exciting experience with your child so far ?

How much breast milk should my wife be getting every time she uses her pump. She is barely getting anything and is pumping for like a half hour which amounts to literally nothing is this normal ?

So since our baby has been born which is now 12 days ago my wife is having a hard time sleeping because of her dreams. She says she keeps waking up because in her dreams something bad happens to the baby. She says they are pretty vivid dreams and somewhat scary. Has anyone else experienced this type of dreaming right after birth.

So my 10 day old baby is coughing and sneezing every now and then but he doesn't appear to have a fever. He also seems to be extra fussy and has a deeper more hoarse breathing sound. Is this something I should be extremely concerned about or is just something I should watch and be proactive about to make sure it stays the same and doesn't get any worse. He has an appointment with the pe... More

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