Mission Viejo, CA

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Scrambled eggs...

At how many months did you start giving your baby scrambled eggs?

I think my baby might be teething....

My baby will be 4 months next Thursday and I think she might be starting teething. I can't notice anything yet on her gums but she starts biting her hands, blankets stuffed animals very aggressively and cries. I heard frozen teething rings might help. Is there anything else I could try to help soothe her pain?

Baby hates carseat

My 3 month old hates being in the carseat since she was a newborn. It's hard to try to go anywhere . Just the drive to my moms house who lives 10 minutes away is a nightmare. She has the toys that hang and those only by me a few minutes. How can I make the car ride more enjoyable for her? I'm even thinking about buying a new car seat but dontt know what to get

3 month old screams bloody murder every night until she falls asleep

My 3 month old is a light sleeper during the day. She would sleep for 30 min maybe an hour the most at a time. During the day I have no problem putting her to sleep but at night it's a different story. She would be tired but seems to fight it. It's like she's angry she's tired. She would begin to cry and scream incredibly loud and nothing I do make her feel better. Eventually sh... More

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