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First Lies

My son will be almost four this month. He is generally a great kid, very thoughtful and sweet, but in the last couple of days I’ve caught him lying to me. First it was a corner bumper we have on kitchen counter, he had tried to bite it off, when I asked him about it he said a bad guy did it. I asked if he did it and just stuck to his story. When Dad asked he told him the truth. Then he spilled ... More

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Holiday Excitement is stinking contagious!!

So my son will turn 4 right before Christmas, today we discovered Target’s toy catalog/ad in the mail. He is just so excited, circling all the things he would like. Mom and Dad have been smiling all day and remembering how that feeling of anything is possible felt like at that age. Just wanted to share with all you as I know all the daily stuff can sometimes make us forget to enjoy the little ... More

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Have been going to Emler since he was 4 months old. Love it!

My newly 3 year old has started to put EVERYTHING in his mouth, seems to have this need to be chewing on things, but not food. Chewing on the fork, chewing on lid of cup, the straw on juice box, toys, his shirt, etc. Has anyone else experienced this at this stage?

Hi All, my son will be turning 3 soon and we have decided he will be our only one unless God has other plans. So trying to get rid of some baby stuff we have left. Have had a few garage sales and listed items on Craigslist and other resale apps but not selling very well, just seems to get lost with all the other items. Does anyone know if there is a resale app for baby only items or have any ot... More

Hi All, any recommendations for pediatric dentist or family dentist in RR area?

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