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V posted in Big Kids Apr 26, 2019

7yo STILL drinks formula milk??

Hi all, I’m a SDC (special day class) teacher and i have a 2nd grader in my class who brought a baby bottle to school... when I was putting some paperwork in his backpack for his parents to sign I found the bottle. However, when I picked it up and looked at it you can instantly tell that it was formula milk. ** He is the only child in the family** Is this something I should discuss with pa... More

V posted in Behavior Feb 25, 2019

Toddler afraid of public restrooms?!

Hey guys! Ive been potty training my 2yo and we recently decided to stop putting on pull ups for outings. The first couple of times, he would tell us he needed to use the restroom... then suddenly he’ll tell us he needs to go but once he sees the public toilet he freaks out! He will literally hold it in until we go back home. Any suggestions on getting toddler comfortable with public restroom... More

V posted in Behavior Feb 13, 2019

2yo boy energy/behavior

Hi all, Lately I’ve realized that my 2yo son has gotten super active. I’m talking about ramming his body into mine constantly, jumping on and off everything, destroying snacks/toys, and even running in circles and growling and wiggling all limbs. Also, his behavior hasn’t been the best. He’s been really defiant, refusing to eat or drink, and a lot of tantrums. I just wanted to know if thi... More

What’s in your diaper bag for potty training?

What do you guys pack for outings? Just curious because i feel like i pack too much or too little lol

Teachers SOS!

Hi all, i just became a K-1 teacher and everyone at my work place is telling me that they got sick multiple times throughout the year. Any suggestions or tips to keep myself and the children healthy and etc? Ps. I was told to keep emergen c in class but i hate the taste of it!

Tips on teeth brushing

Hi guys, I have a toddler who is obsessed with “brushing” his teeth. But when it comes to actually brushing his teeth, he’s just sucking off the toothpaste and won’t let me actually help him brush. We’ve been having this battle for a while now. Any tips on getting him to actually brush? Thanks!

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